Who is a solo-traveling digital nomad, who's traveling in a group or as a nomad family?

It feels that being a digital nomad / remote worker also means a lot to be a solo-traveler. I’d like to see how much this is the case here — out of curiosity. And whether there are actually groups or families traveling in the (digital) nomad lifestyle.

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I’ve met a few couples, but the vast majority of nomads I know, including myself, are solo.

My wife and I have been traveling as digital nomads for about 4 years now.

Travelling with a family, but not for a full year, maybe half a year at home, half a year on the road. Travelling solo or with friends are of course completely different activities (ask me about best playgrounds in the neighbourhood :D)

It would be awesome to see nomadic family communities, at the moment HackerParadise or a RemoteYear are not doable with kids. And kids need company, they need to play with other children, to learn and explore. If you know any nomadic communities that do that, please let me know.


solo here

I did solo (well, me and my dog) for almost four years and am about to hit the road with my boyfriend for the first time May 1st.

I’ve met lots of couples and singles, not as many families, though they are out there.

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@lognaturel and I are married and have been nomading for about a year and a half. It’s great, but we’ve learned that you gotta have some alone and hang out with other people time.


Hey @borowis, there is in fact a nomadic family community out there, called NomadFamily :slight_smile:


ah, that’s cool, I’ll be watching them, seems like they’ve just started. Thanks, Naii!

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Thanks for this link, very cool! My family and I are about to embark on our Nomadic travels, starting in Oslo, Norway and then landing for a month in Riga, Latvia. Follow us at Where’s Your Dunny.


This episode of the Business Of Freelancing podcast might be of interest to you: https://doubleyourfreelancing.com/location-independence-with-family

My guest, Paul Kortman, is a nomad who travels with his wife and four children and runs a digital marketing consulting business from various locations. On this episode Paul offers some thoughts on this lifestyle and how to make your business work in a non-traditional setting.


You’re very welcome, borowis :slight_smile:

Thanks, Nathaniel. Funny tagline “Trying to figure out how to find toilets and other essentials around the world.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Very interesting. Thanks for that @rijk :slight_smile:

Hey, didn’t understand that’s your project @naii. :slight_smile: I sent a simple inquiry on the site so looking forward to getting to know more about it.

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Oh yes, it is. Sorry @borowis, I wasn’t very clear about this. I saw your message and was happy to answer it. I hope you get a good idea about our project and how it can benefit your nomad family with kids :slight_smile: We are small right now but ambitious :wink:

Solo here.

Family of 4… but not sure you’d consider us totally nomadic. We move somewhere for at least a year… and travel out from there, put the kids in school, etc.

Wow, that’s impressive! I was looking into this more as sooner or later our child will hit the school as well (and my life is not fond of homeschooling). Do you have a blog or something where you share your experiences? That would be super-interesting read for me. Thanks, Borys.