Anyone want to sail Croatia with cool people this summer?

Ahoy, Digital Nomads!

Have you thought about what to do this summer? How does this sound: a week aboard one of 6 beautiful Bavaria 47 Cruisers navigating the Croatian coast in June and July. We’re looking for friendly, relaxing, adventure-loving crew from different cultures to join us: non-profit! If that’s not the perfect way for digital nomads to recharge their batteries, I don’t know what is.

Take a look at and feel free to get in touch and ask me any questions. I would love to get to know some of you and discuss this fascinating lifestyle.

Who said sailing the med was only for the rich and famous?

That’s incredible Idea. I hope you can wait until the idea sticks around and you have your boats full booked.

I took part last year, it was a great trip!
Might book this year as well, depending on schedule.

Dominik, the organizer, decided to stay completely non-profit this year, so prices will remain super-low.

All routes + dates:
Footage from last years trips:

the routes link is throwing a 404

Yep, thanks for the catch, wanderingdev.
Corrected link is here:
Sorry about that…!

hey Zingaro,
I love your idea, i’m thinking how i could join to you guys:)
just got my new bavaria 33. its currently at the balaton, but i wanna transport it to the seas soon. i just asked the guys here if anyone would be interested: Would you try living and working on a sailboat in Lake Balaton, Hungary?

but whats more important is that i’m thinking on something ‘bigger’ for the winter (this year or next year), like atlantic crossing, and staying at the caribbean to avoid cold weather :smile: it would be nice to do it in a group, and it would be even much more safe. what do you think?

lots of flotillas do the trans-atlantic. you usually have to pay but if it’s your first time it’s not a bad idea. it’s a deadly dull crossing. I wouldn’t want to do it again.

wow so you did it!

This just in:
Dominik has specifically designated a week for coworking!
Check it out:
What do you guys think? Can we get 5-6 people together for a coworking week? We could even organize presentations and coworking information exchange. There’s no better place to get inspired and get some work done than at anchor in a crystalline bay, with WiFi access – my favorite office :smile:
Definitely hope to see some of you sign up.
Ask me if you have any questions (e.g. logistics)

Hey gabor_magyar nice plan for the winter! If you have any details, please keep me posted as we’re still looking for some nomad fun during winter. Usually we cross Europe in a caravan -

Cool!!! Is this still a thing?

What are the costs like?

Totally still a thing.
Next trip is in Thailand, Feb 24 - Wed Mar 2 for €940.
There are x-country ski trips being organized in Norway in March.
Trips in Greece, Italy and Croatia begin in April.
Check out for all the info, or feel free to message me!
It was the best experience of the year for me. :smile:

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