Best co-working spaces in Berlin?

Hi there!
I’m about to finally make a move from London to Berlin and I’ll be staying around Kreuzberg/Neukölln. I’ve noticed a great selection of co-working spaces around there, which is great! But most of them don’t actually give too many details on what they can offer and what the environment is like.

Any personal recommendations from you Berliners out there? Which ones get the busiest? Any particular ones to avoid? Ideally I’d find a floating desk with a great community around; I love socialising around co-working spaces so that would be a big plus :smile:

Most of them also seem to open at 9am only, I couldn’t find any so far that would be open before. Suggestions?

Thanks! I hope to see some of you around Berlin starting from August :smile:

I’ve heard Ahoy! is nice.

(Source, I have a friend who works there :slight_smile: )

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Visited raumstation in Moabit, the price was decent and there was plenty of desk room. The people seemed nice. Worth a look if you’re in that area.

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I’m using mobilesuite in Prenzlauer Berg. It’s some distance from Kreuzberg, but it’s working out well for me. I signed up for a monthly membership and have unlimited 24/7 access (extra fee) and unlimited beverages (also an extra fee). They’ve got a well lit space, plenty of seating options and great internet. It’s an option if you end up over in this part of the city (which is great).

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I just added this:

It’s ranked by cost, but the first few (with the Nomad List sticker) are the ones recommended by people here

Thanks everyone for the suggestions! @levelsio awesome collection in Nomad List, love the fact that you’re including shared desks there too.

So far the biggest struggle has been finding some that open up at least at 8am, so I’ll probably go for a proper co-working space that runs 24h… but there doesn’t seem to be any near Kreuzberg. Il’l keep looking and update my findings :smile:

These guys seem pretty cool:

Although I’m still waiting to hear from them about their opening hours.
Cheers guys!

I am a big fan of Co.Up at Kottbusser Tor (central Kreuzberg), who also provide space to plenty of meetups and user groups. In particular the ppl there are almost only freelance and remote devs and designers – so, unlike many other cowos in Berlin, it is quite enough to work there.

I don’t know about any cowo in Berlin that is really open before 9am, but as co.up is a very tightly nit community, they also offer to give you a key and then you can work whenever you like – I know quite a few people coming to work at 7 pm and staying late at night for e.g. .

I spent two months working out of Betahaus a few years ago (it’s on the list that @levelsio linked to).

Everyone there was very friendly and there was alway a desk available. They also had a cafe on the bottom floor that was nice.

I mostly worked from coffeeshops.
Betahaus was one of my most favored places. It has also an actual co-working space. But you can also just hang around in the coffee shop without signing up.
A lot of people work from St. Oberholz. But I did not enjoy the atmosphere. It is also expensive for a coffeeshop.

Thanks again peeps! I’m keen on trying out Wieserland, since its location is convenient… but co.up seems to be pretty impressive as well!

@magalhini check this

They are the guys organizing together with me the remote working & digital nomads meetup next week.