Central America - Where and what's next?

Currently in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and heading to Santa Teressa, Costa Rica next week.
Then Aruba in the Caribbean Sea for Christmas and New Year.

However I feel I want to head back to Central America to bring living costs down, rather than staying in the Caribbean Sea among the expensive Islands.

This means I have around 2 - 2,5 month of unplanned travelling.
Any digital nomads who have ideas about where to head in that timeframe?

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Hi there, I’m in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua right now, a small town with nice cafés, a yoga community and beautiful beaches around.

Sounds very suitable for what I am looking for!
How is the internet down there? And for how long are you staying? Just to get a feeling of a possible duration, if I go.

Internet works well, although not super-fast (2 mbps). I’ll be here until April I think, so we could meet if you come here before. It’s the second time that I am in SJdS, last time (2013) I stayed for almost 4 months and this time I’ve been here for 1.5 month already, so I start to know the town quite well; let me know if I can help with anything!

You may also want to check out some spots around Oaxaca. It is Mexico, but feels more like Central America (to me) - very cheap, people are friendly, and the beach is nice. We stayed at a little hostel on Mazunte beach that was nice for a bit, and Puerto Escondido is also nice (a little bigger and easier to find decent internet.

In Guatemala, Antigua is nice, but can be expensive if you’re not careful. It is a touristy town, but if you can find the spots for the locals you won’t spend a fortune on food. I don’t know much about Guatemala city - there is crime there, though, so you have to be purposeful about where you hang out.

Skip El Salvador. There is a lot to love about that country, but the crime is high, so it is hard to have a nice experience. If you do end up passing through, I had a nice long stay at Hostel Cumbres del Volcan in San Salvador in Colonia Escalon, which was nice. Lots of backpackers passing through on extended Central American trips (though most only stayed a few days. I was there for work, so stayed around two weeks). Playa El Tunco is also a nice spot in El Salvador, I stayed for a week at an AirBnB place that was a yoga studio. PM me if you do end up there, and I can tell you about where I stayed, and probably still have the number of a good driver (which you need in a country like El Salvador).

Again, though, I’ve found Mexico to be a much nicer place to spend time.


Thank you for your advice! I agree on Mexico being a great place to stay. However I feel like I want to try something else while I am here (usually living in Europe). So I plan to try different places for a 4 month period before heading back to Mexico for the remaining of the my journey.

Will look into Guatamala, and also Belize. Do you know anything about Belize by any chance?

Sorry, I’ve never been to Belize. If you do end up there, though, make sure you post about it. I’m planning to spend some time in SEA soon, but afterwards I’ll probably end up in LATAM again!

Lake Atitlan is extremely beautiful. The internet is not amazing, but it is cheap, its gorgeous and people are lovely. There is alot of yoga and the likes in San Marcos (one of the lake villages) if that is your thing. Spent August there and while it was a little too quiet for me, lots of people we met loved it.

I’ve been to Belize. You will definitely want to stay on one of the Cayes(Keys). I was on Ambergris Caye. Good food, WiFi and beach. Also about 45 minute boat ride to get there. Belize City is mostly locals and not many tourist stay there due to being primarily a low income type of City. However beware of keeping valuables in hotel, housekeeping cleaned my out of about $240 US while there.

I know this was over 2 years ago, but any chance you still have the info for El Tunco? I’m thinking about checking it out in the next few weeks :slight_smile:

Well, yeah, anything I can say about it will be out of date, haha.

El tunco is nice - it is a very rocky beach during rainy season, it is volcanic rock, so the sand is black and it is very Salvadorean (by which, I mean, there are lots of guys with shotguns, and like everywhere in El Salvador, you need to be extremely aware of your surroundings)

When I was there, you could rent a surf board all day for $10, though - you do it at your own risk, haha!

Still, I really loved it there - the beer is cheap, the waves are good, the people are nice, the pupusas are fresh. It isn’t going to win any awards, but if you’re in El Salvador, it is certainly a nice place to spend time.

This was the place I stayed: elsalvadoryoga (dot) com/ - a place called “balance,” not sure if it is still there.

It was off season and there were no yogis there, so it was cheap!

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