How are your experiences with World Nomads travel insurance?

I’m on a RTW trip with my family for a year. We’re in a new country every few weeks or so. World Nomads seems to be the most popular company but they have horrendous reviews regarding payment of claims. I’d love to hear of other options people have experience with - or if you’ve had a positive outcome with World Nomads. Thanks all.

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I had to make a claim with them a couple of years ago – delayed flight and subsequent expenses. They paid up in full and really promptly, well before the date they’d given me.

This year, I wanted to extend an existing policy and couldn’t do it online. Their site couldn’t let me get into to do it. I contacted them about it and they were really unhelpful and rather rude. After a lot of palaver, they told me my sister could phone their Sydney office (they couldn’t seem to grasp that I didn’t want to ring overseas and I didn’t have a phone with me which was strange for a travel insurance company). I got it extended but was not at all impressed with their customer service.

Btw I think the reason they seem so popular is that a lot of bloggers have affiliate links for them. Although, I can’t really think of a good alternative.


Hey Kathryn, thanks for sharing your experience, sorry you had to go through that - last thing you need when traveling. But yep, you confirmed exactly what I was thinking - especially about the bloggers and affiliates. And you’re right, we really couldn’t find any alternatives so we reluctantly went with World Nomads. Just putting out the good vibes and hoping for the best. Cheers, Mike

Yep and ultimately settling claims without a fuss is more important than good customer service :smile:

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I’ve been happy with World Nomads, I’ve used them 4 times but I’ve not made a claim through them yet. I did extend my insurance in 2015, and I was able to do it online while overseas - though I was in Germany, and only extending a 2 month trip by a week. I’ve found their customer service okay, had a chat with them over Twitter when I first signed up. And I’ve always loved that one of the extreme sports they will insure for is “Air Guitar”.

Totally agree about the bloggers & affiliate links, that’s how I found out about World Nomads too. Once you’re aware of that, you’ll realize that means you can always find a 10% discount code out there if you look online.

In comparison, I used QBE a decade ago, had to make a medical claim, and while I didn’t incur any costs myself, the hospital apparently had trouble getting payment out of QBE.


Thanks for the response @SyneRyder - bummed I didn’t think about the discount code. Was scrambling at the time. Hopefully it’ll help somebody else. Funny about the Air Guitar. Cheers.

I’m currently in the process of making a claim with World Nomads because I had to return home for compassionate reasons.

A few things I’ve learnt through this:

  • if you need to contact WN in an emergency, you have an email option but that email address is only checked during their business hours. The emergency phone number is 24/7 but that’s not handy if you don’t have phone access while travelling. I’d been having issues with my Skype account so that wasn’t an option.

  • I’d planned on coming home for a visit in July anyway so had flights booked but, if you are travelling on a one way ticket, your fare to return home isn’t covered because it’s considered an expense you’d have to pay anyway. No matter that you might have to pay top price for booking last minute. They seem to be okay with the flight change fees though.

  • Similarly with hotels. Even if you had planned to stay somewhere at a reasonable rate because you’ve booked it in advance for long term but get that refunded, if you have to pay top dollar for a hotel en route to get home, they won’t pay because you’d have had to pay for accommodation for that night. There’s no allowance for additional cost of much more expensive accommodation.

  • If you have to a cancel an Airbnb, even if you have a flexible cancellation, you have to still pay the Airbnb fees. I was told they weren’t explicitly covered in the WN policy so it’s up to the claim assessor.

I had a neck injury last year and called to notify them what had happened and that I was getting it checked out. They were very helpful, good communication but in the end I barely went over the claim threshold for scans and doctors so I didn’t put the claim in. Was impressed with the early contact though, they seemed to be approaching it very honestly and genuinely.