How do we solve housing for digital nomads?

There’s been a lot of discussion on this recently.

Nomads usually stay in hostels, hotels and short-term apartments. But it’s all not very optimal.

I’ve heard people suggest getting funding and building a network of houses you can stay at for a subscription price (e.g. Bruno Haid is working on that).

I don’t want do physical stuff, so I’m thinking of building a platform around making housing better for nomads.

What are the housing problems nomads face? And how can we solve them with products/services?


The MVP style would be a curated list of places that have reliable internet and a space that can be used as a work desk, from Airbnb, Booking, whatever.

We could all recommend our favourite Airbnbs. They used to have an affiliate program and apparently are planning to bring it back, so you might want to talk to them and see if they can hook you up.

I have started doing this on a wishlist, but obviously it takes time to grow as these are places I go to and stay for a while. Feel free to pick those up if they are useful.


I’ve been thinking about the same thing! There’s lots of considerations, one being that the supply side (reasonable monthly rentals) are hard to come by. That’s the problem due to Airbnb’s popularity and the inflated expectation of fees hosts have been charging.

I think something needs to be created inbetween an airbnb and couchsurfing. Where it’s a paid service, but not so capitalist. Having it be a network of nomads would allow the hosts to benefit from bringing people into their apartment, connections are formed, and the idea of keeping the month price at a reasonable level becomes more realistic. Would love to chat more about it. I bought the name, but am not so experienced at UX and building the platform, but would love to partner up anyway possible!

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At they are building a list of coworking places.
This is also relevant, and can be integrated to the product.

So, an aggregator of alle available resources with a curated layer on top is what I am thinking of.

Normally just a hotel, if month+ i get a serviced apartment. I had a condo contract for 1 year in Bangkok and no way I will have such a long contract again.
Don’t really see any problem about housing.

I also had this idea about bringing people together in terms of having different skillset in the same house.

@nomadicpad Can we discuss about that, I have lot of ideas and I would love to partner on something.

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Hey atu, would love to chat. Are you on the #slack group?

What I would love is this:

For each location on NomadList, users can submit “Amenities”. There could be different categories of Amenities - Hotels, AirBnbs, Coffee Shops, Gyms, Coworking spaces, and so on.

Users could submit an amenity, along with a comment. Then other users could vote up the amenity, or vote it down, and add comments.

So then there would be curated lists of these amenities for each location, with the best amenities rising to the top.


@dylanized you have the right concept, this would make Nomadlist a lot more useful for me.

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I would love coordinated work around approaches like these

Basically places where nomads can live and work and play together

Yeah to me it’s less about the housing itself, and more about the people you have the possibility of sharing with.

If these X people are arriving in Z location at time Y, how can they be introduced and coordinate together in the quickest and easiest way possible. Build this, Peter!!!

Everything else will fall out of this… Housing, working, travel and partying. It’s about connecting similar minded people at the right time. Each of your nomad sites do a job well, but they are not working in union, yet.


This is the idea that we had with @nomadicpad. We will build a sort of nomad house incubator. I mean come with your skillset and you will meet people like-minded with a different skillset to match them and learn a lot from other people.

What do you think about that ?

@atu and I have a plan to start this the simplest way possible. We both have opportunities to do the first experiment with such arrangement, because we are both moving cities soon (him to Chiang Mai and me to Austin, TX). What we’re going to do is find a suitable monthly rental on airbnb, with a month block available (Austin in particular has some awesome designy places that accommodate up to 6) and we’ll post here to dates and details and find people open to joining the experiment. The hope is there are enough people on here in Austin looking for a place to live that month. I feel like Chiang Mai will have much more people who fit that scenario. We are researching these potential ‘Nomad Houses’ ‘Nomad Homes’ ‘Nomes?’ And will post here when we find them. Would appreciate everyone’s help to spread the listing to everyone they know who might be in that location, because we would want to fully fill the place before either of us book it through airbnb. The fun part will be to document the experience, and create another in person interaction for this community. From there, I hope to move every month and find new Nomes, allowing the proceeding ones to be seeded with new guests. Really excited to make it happen with you awesome guys and gals!


@nomadicpad I believe this is exactly what @darren and I were thinking as well. The only problem is liquidity and I believe Peter is probably the best suited because he has the most exposure to make this happen.

Awesome @nambrot What do you mean by liquidity? Do you mean having a fluid marketplace of interested digital nomads? I think if we could start with this “in-the-world” approach, physically creating the supply side by actually sourcing and living in these units, a social network could form around that network using a beautifully designed platform for support. Then the idea is that anyone could hop on this site and on the drop of the 'Enter" key, figure out what nomad homes are available in the area, at one periods of time. But we need to go out there as a group and start building these incubators (as @atu calls it) in our respective cities, and actually live in them to learn from the experience. The community would need to have rules, as far as respecting peoples space, cleaning up after yourself, and setting up the place for the next guest when you leave. While the idea is to bring like minds together, there’s still a big hurdle as far as rental logistics go (my friend runs a lucrative airbnb rental biz, but also works 80 hours weeks keeping it in working order.)

That’s why I’d like to see this become something between couchsurfing and Airbnb. Something you pay for, because the convenience and value added from having a space when needed with people you will benefit from is well worth the cost (plus rent is already a necessity of life), but to make this a reality the community will have to be willing to make some minor sacrifices to make it work (Like cleaning up, being self sufficient, giving back wherever possible). That’s good, because it will only attract people that absolutely need this to become a reality!

The exciting thing for me is to create something that makes living nomadically easier, so more people will start to join this “Nomadic Revolution” as @levelsio called it. Because I truly believe we all have the potential for genius, even those sad souls stuck in a cubical, unaware of the potential out there! Exciting stuff guys, let’s keep the dialogue going. @darren @atu

You basically resume how I see ‘Nomad Houses’.

As @nomadicpad said, let’s start with something simple and test if other nomads likes it. I feel that it could be awesome if the these house have some really cool stuff, like a chef cook, someone to clean the house, some benefits like that. It’s only available in SEA for now (cheaper), but it could be awesome.

Make the first ‘Nomad House’ a heaven for nomad, and everyone would join these houses.

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Haha which Peter you mean? If you mean me, I’m Pieter with an i :smiley:

Anyway, awesome guys/girls.

FYI I’m making a join-a-house platform too as an MVP. Not specifically for nomads btw, since I think it can be bigger than that. Just sharing houses you rent on AirBnB, I have good ideas for a platform for that. Will be months from now tho before it launches.

Meanwhile, I’d say if you wanna build a network of houses, go do that. I don’t wanna touch anything physical though, too much risk for me as I’m not funded with capital!

It could be non-physical, we could bring people together like small social group, give them some house idea, let them pay on the platform to share AirBnB price (avoid problem with rent payment) and that’s it. We are just on top of AirBnB.

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@levelsio Well @Atu and I can be on the ground and we can work together to help the join-a-house platform. I personally am excited to seed the community, and learn from the people I stay with because I still have tons to learn as far as coding, entrepreneurship goes. But would love to be involved in anyway possible. Let’s chat about it, as we’ve been planning to!

I think I’m with @levelsio here (sorry Pieter :))

The MVP for this is simply around coordination. You want to know who else wants to stay in city X for 1 month. Once you 5 people found each other, you just agree upon on Airbnb and share it for the month. Activities, communities, incubator, skill exchange are all nice addons, but IMO not critical. As @darren said, the rest will come by itself. The most important thing is critical mass.