How does Ireland tourist visa length and recurrence work?

I’m planning a stint in Ireland and I’m wondering about the 90-day tourist visa. Official information just mentions the 90-day limit without elaboration. Is it akin to Schengen where it’s counted against the most recent 180-day period? I’m asking because I might like to take trips to the continent flying out of Dublin, but I don’t know how I should account for the days I’m gone if I do that. Do I stop the 90-day clock for Ireland while I’m away, or should I make sure I’m gone from Ireland <= 90 days after my initial arrival date, regardless of where else I go during that interval, just to be safe? What have others done?

Spoke to someone at the Irish embassy in the US – apparently you must be gone 90 days after your initial entry date, it’s not on a rolling e.g. 180-day period like Schengen, so it doesn’t matter if you go off someplace else for a week or two, you’re still burning days against that 90-day Irish visa. They also specifically mentioned that reentry wouldn’t be granted if you left for a day and returned after having stayed for the previous 90, so it sounds like there’s quite a bit of ambiguity in there on purpose. Plan accordingly.