Portable external laptop battery for MacBook Pro?

Hi all,

I’ve been doing some research on external batteries for the MacBook having seen a HyperJuice in someone’s desk shot. There was also a thread on this about a year ago: What’s the best portable battery charger for a MacBook?

My findings so far are that it’s very important which laptop you have. A MacBook ‘New’ (USB-C) seems to have the most options, followed by a MacBook Air which has a low power requirement, the MacBook Pro 13" which has a medium power requirement and the MacBook Pro 15" which has a very high power requirement and very limited options.

I’ve found the below, have any of you used/tried them? Do you know of any alternatives? Personally I’m looking for something that works well with the MacBook Pro 15" but share anything as others may find it useful!

  • HyperJuice - comes in sizes 60/100/150/222WH - requires a modification to your MacBook charger as they can’t use the patented MagSafe2 adapter.
  • BatteryBox - 60 Wh - uses a custom compatible charger that works with the Air/Pro/MacBook
  • ChugPlug - 65 Wh - MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13" only, small battery capacity
  • Xiaomi power bank - ~80 Wh - MacBook USB-C only

Check these people out I find this works I use it on boats, beach and at the lake here in Zürich (work never stops!!) http://www.voltaicsystems.com/solar-macbook-charger?&laptops

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I’ve yet to find a better battery than the Anker Astro Pro2

Buy this cable along with it and you’re good to go.

It’s about the size of an iPad, so not small, but it definitely keeps me going through an international flight with all of my other power settings optimized.

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I have a BatteryBox and found it rather dismal.

The connection is very “unstable” and wouldn’t actually make contact. I wrote in to customer service for help and they would give me fiddly things to do that might work for a hot second before not working again. When I tried to get more significant support since I had found myself without a working connection a number of times, they suggested I pay to ship it in so they could see what was wrong. I did. They shipped me one back. Same-same. Then, it was too late to return.

I think they have new models. But overall I would never recommend the company overall.

I use a Voltaic V72 as well. It is well made and reliable, if a little heavy, and I also use it to charge camera batteries, AA/AAA batteries and smartphones. Note that even my 11" 2012 Macbook Air needs a lot of power, so I wouldn’t expect to be able to code all day on the internal battery + the V72. Eventually you’ll run out of power, whatever the solution. I currently have two V72s, in the field I can charge one off solar while using the other one.

Also, if space isn’t an issue and you plan on working in a shared space like a cafe or study area, it would be worth investing in a good multi-board/power strip, and perhaps an extension cord. So, if there aren’t enough outlets for everyone, you can easily share one. Some of these boards come with USB outlets as well for charging everything at the same time (though everything will charge more slowly, then).