What's the best suitcase for a digital nomad?

I’ve enjoyed a set that has a laptop-friendly little backpack that attaches to the main carry-on sized rolling suitcase. (It fell apart and it’s time for a new one, haha.) I suppose the key criteria are light sleekness and durability.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts/advice/links, guys! :slight_smile:

I have a Rimowa–one of the metal ones. These are German-made and they literally never go on sale because Rimowa disallows it. They are expensive, but mine has been around the world a few times over the course of several years and it is functionally unchanged from when I bought it. The only downside to the aluminum ones is that they are not as light as one might want. (My 25x48x70cm case weighs 6kg.) I theorize that their plastic ones are nearly as durable and a bit lighter, but I cannot speak from experience. I think they’re rather sexy suitcases myself but I suppose that’s a matter of taste. For durable general-purpose suitcases, they cannot be beat. (FWIW, I’ve transported 14 750ml bottles of booze in this case across the Atlantic several times without any breakage.)

Wife and I are currently sharing the smallest size of a Delsey Helium suitcase (I think they call it the International Carry-on Size). It’s worked well for us! Would love a Rimowa at some point, but the Delsey was pretty inexpensive and has held up well!

I just bought a Genius Pack and I love it. They have a few different models with different features, but all of them have a dirty laundry bag that you can access from the outside of the suitcase, but attaches to the inside. You can then detach the bag and take it to the laundramat. Very convenient and handy for frequent travel.