What's the best way to get a visa for Bali?

How do people typically handle the Bali visa situation? Is it better to just arrive and get the 30 day visa on arrival, and then figure out an extension, if desired once you’re there?

Or is it advisable to go through the process of getting the 60 day (single or multiple entry) visa ahead of time through the consulate here in the USA?

For some context, we’re not 100% sure of how long we are planning on staying thus far, and were hoping to buy tickets to our next destination while in Bali.

Thanks for any advice you may offer!

I stayed there in 2011. Most people just extend their visa after 30 days. Seemed to be an easy process. Going through a consulate is often much more painful due to the paperwork. Getting the visa at the airport was easy from what I remember.

If you choose to stay you can find a visa agent who will get you an extra extension via the “social visa” rules. You can save money and get a much longer stay if you get a “business visa,” extendable up to 12 months (maybe more) if you get the visa before you go. You need to work with the right agent, and start the process outside of Bali for the business visa.

Call Liza in Ubud. She is an Indonesian lawyer who precesses visas for foreigners. Charges a little extra but gets things done that you might not be able to do without substantial saavy yourself. 081338424617. Valid as of August 2014. Her office is behind AlchemyBali. If you don’t get her on the phone, go to Alchemy, walk behind it, go upstairs, and there is usually a line of people waiting to see her. If you need her Singapore or Bangkok office number, you’ll have to call her and get it to make arrangements there. She is no nonsense, efficient, and direct, favors the prepared.

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I’ve heard getting an extension for longer than 30 days once in Bali is fairly easy, but costs – any idea how much? Just trying to figure out if it’s worth the consulate hassle, just to get the 60 day ahead of time.

No need to deal with consulate. Just go to a visa agent a week or so before your 30 day tourist visa expires and they will renew it (but you need to go a week early else you face fairly high daily overstay charges.) I think it was about 500,000 through an agent. If you do it yourself at the immigration offices for 250,000 but it is a lot more hassle, I hear. I wouldn’t bother unless you’re super penny pinching and have time to waste. I’m not in Bali now and rules were changing when I left in August. I recommend asking around for a good visa agent when you first get there and ask them what to do so you are prepared for when the time comes.

Or try to call Liza or someone like here (a visa agent) before you go. Rules change, and the “back rules” change so internet information is sometimes outdated, and people don’t always have the same experiences. The most up to date information is talking to well connected visa agents. If you don’t hear what you want, you can ask around to see if there are other ways to get done what you want, but usually there isn’t too much variation. It is not like the USA/EU where the rules are fairly consistently applied and published.

Thanks for the tips! Cheers!

Get in Facebook Ubud Community Group. I didn’t know that files could be uploaded to facebook groups. Go to the group, and find “files” or docs tab, there you will find 2 docs with all the information, prices, etc …

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VOA extension cost now is around 600-700 with an agent and 350± if you’ll do it on your own

Also check my other comment about visas

Manu, do you need a return ticket to be issued a visa on arrival, or is that just for when you want to extend it? Many thanks :smile:

Marta, it depends on your luck. I got this visa more than ten times and never was asked about return tickets.
My friends came first time and they were asked.

You can find a website where you get an iterinary without actually buying a ticket.

thanks so much for your help and apologies for a late reply! I may try he sites you suggested, great tip!