Which Indonesian visa is the most hassle-free for staying there for 6-12 months?

Which Indonesian visa is the most hassle-free for staying there for 6-12 months? By hassle free I mean reasonably easy to obtain, not too expensive, and ideally without frequent renewals. I will arrive in Bali in April 2015.

The visas that come to mind are:

  • 1 year business visa (but the first stay can only be 60 days, any following stay as long as I want?)

  • Half-year sosial visa (but I have to renew monthly and cannot leave for a few days without an exit/re-entry permit?)

  • Tourist visa which I convert into a sosial visa (probably it’s cheaper and more hassle-free to do the sosial right away before arrival?)

Which did you try, and which were easiest? Do I need a local invitation, and what is the easiest way to get one without getting into obligations?

Would anyone be so nice and invite me for a business visa? If yes please PM me, we can talk of course before you agree to help me out on this one.

What I want to do in Indonesia (starting in Bali) is surfing, looking into starting an online business, or ‘looking into investment opportunities’ (if arriving on a business visa).

By the way, I have an EU passport.

1 year business visa is a good one. You have to leave every 60 days, in theory. But you can typically pay to avoid that. Nice because you can come and go as you please vs. social visa which becomes defunct if you leave.

I’ve never heard of being able to convert tourist to social… you have to leave the country and to get social visa at an embassy.

You can also unofficially extend tourist visa multiple times (officially you can do it just once) via agent. But it comes at a cost.

What’s the cost to extend through an agent?

I live here a little bit more than 2 years. My thoughts about it:

  1. By business visa you mean KITAS — work permit? Yes, there is such thing here but it’ll cost you at least $1500 plus the government applied new rules — you have to speak indonesian f.e.
  2. 211 visas — social/business. They are same but in first case your sponsor is a person, in second — business owner. 6 month. 2 month and 3 times to extend. As mentioned before — you’ll get it in other country only. Also if you leave the country you will need to get another one.
  3. VOA. Most popular. Came, extend, leave, repeat :slight_smile: It’s not so bad — I usually ly to Kuala Lumpur — it took like 10 hours for two-ways flight and around $150.

Best way for you is to fly here with VOA first time, look around and then decide.
There are plenty agents that will help you with visas. I usually use service here:

Would like to help, but I’m leaving the island on Feb 28, but you should visit http://lineuphub.co — it’s an amazing coworking space with 20Mbps internet connection, which is kinda a problem to find )
Also you could ask guys there about visa stuff.

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Anyone know what the newly announced “free” visa’s mean for extensions? I read somewhere it’s a 30 day VoA, but haven’t found anything official or detailed. Was planning on spending 3 months in Bali and 3 in Thailand next year and just want to cut down on bouncing between Bali/Thailand to renew visa.

Another Visa on Arrival-related question for you all! Is it possible to renew the VOA right after receiving it? I’m sailing around Indonesia for the next ~2 months, and just made a visa run to KL. I’m wondering if I can renew the VOA I just got right now (I’m in Lombok), rather than waiting another three weeks to start the process…

You can’t extend too long in advance sadly. Date vary as well…I mean you don’t always gets the perfect 2 times 30 days… The best for Indonesia is to come with the 2 month social visa in hand.
Extension can still be made with an agent, but this is pointless kind of, as you need to go yourself to pick it up as there is now a finger print scan and photo shooting. So no need to pay an agent. Mataram is definitely faster. Takes about a week in total. Scan and print shop just next to the immigration office (100m in the small street aside)…VoA free now but departure tax still in place for most airlines…

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