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 29 Oct '191mo28 Nov '1928 Nov '19
29 Oct '19

Chiang Mai


🗯 Forum topics


Can i get a visa outside my home country?

by @piotr  | 5 comments

Let’s say I got into an EU country with a schengen visa.
But now, I want to get a visa to Thailand WHILE i’m in an EU country.

Can I just go to the Thai counsular office / embassy and get a visa on my passport? (i have a Russian passport)
Or, do I need to get the visa in the country I reside in first?


🗯 Forum replies


Hi, I'm Manu, an accountant turned digital nomad and offshore tax expert. AMA!


by @xiufensilver  | 39 comments

Wonder how to do your taxes as a nomad? Ask your question now!

About Manu:
Today I’m here to clear any misunderstandings about international taxation for digital nomads. There is too much wrong, outdated and irrelevant information out there.

I will answer any general questions, relevant to the community as a whole. You are welcome to give your own situation as an example. If you are looking for personalized and actionable recommendations or referrals, please contact me or someone else you trust in this matter privately.

About myself: I learned accounting for 5 years in high school, but became more interested in international management and programming at university. I worked as a director and purchasing manager for a 100m+ private trust in Europe and Greater China. In 2013, I resigned from this position to have a better work-life balance and travel more. Since then I have spent most of my time in Asia doing consulting through various companies.

My latest project is a crowdfunding accelerator that will take place in Shenzhen, China later this year.



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