Anyone know good foreign currencies to hold?


I use Transferwise and have accounts in many currencies.

I have saved a stack of money this way. I am from the UK so GBP is my currency and it’s at historic lows compared to many others.

I hold EUR too and I am about to buy GBP back at a substantial profit. I bought EUR when 1 GBP = EUR 1.40.

I think currency trading is very risky, but it’s doable long term and it’s worthwhile for all Nomads to hold different currencies, partucularly USD,EUR,GBP and CHF.


I also use Transferwise for international bank transfer and to hold different currencies. Now they have also Bordeless accounts in many currencies. So far I found them easy to use and also fast transfers.(ie From UK - GBP to EUR account is Slovakia it was in same day)


Cool, will be setting up a Transferwise account. Thanks :slight_smile: