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Hi nomads,

As you can see a new movement in this revolution is coming out. Please make some noise for Project Bali. Like @nomadicpad said in the Project Austin, is a project about bringing 5 like-minded people together in order to create an inspirational, motivational and recreational house. You will learn from different skillsets and stay on the success track.

First of all, I’m looking for 3 nomads who want to experiment that in Ubud. Second step is to find a house and get in. If you guys are looking for an amazing experience let’s apply here.

Feel free to add anything.


What time frame are you looking to have people move in?

I would say 8 of January or something like that.

I’m in. And I may have a house.

That sounds fun. I’ll be in SF in January but down for an experiment like that in Februar and later.

Can’t do Jan/Feb but totally down for any time and availability after that.

So down for this. Perfect timing too

Do you guys have any suggestions for an airbnb ?

We are basically doing the same thing from end of January (start btw 20th - 23th Jan) until beginning of May - already found a badass 5 bedroom villa with a pool in Ubud and still have 2-3 rooms available for motivated, cool online entrepreneurs. If anyone is interested to join us for however long, send me a message.

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I can perhaps chip in with the house. I have a 4-bedroom place just on the outside of central Ubud. Nothing too rockstar, but a decent connection, pool and good value.

Pix etc: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/s?host_id=2784

@kmander Sounds to be a great start for the beginning. How many rooms are available right now ?

I would love to join and I’ll be in Ubud Around end of March. PM me if this moves forward or how I could help!

If things go well, my wife and I are planning on being in Ubud for at least March, possibly April.

Sounds cool, this project will have some delay, but @Conni has some rooms for guys that want to be with cool nomads people.

Hey everyone, I’ll be on Bali Feb 20 - Mar 30 (appx) and would love to join aaaand super happy to see you guys again @Conni :smile:

yaaaayy, thats cool news!

hey guys did this ever happen? the signup form is gone but building a business and wanted to move to bali and live there if possible.

my email’s [email protected] and would love to hear something and hopefully meet some of you!

Someone for Canggu ?

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