What's the best place to find developers?


I’d like to start my nomad adventures in a location where developers (html,css,ruby,java, etc) can be found that are great to work with, communicate well in English and whom are affordable.

I’m a freelance designer/coder aiming to build a small development team so I can focus more on sales and design.

Many thanks in advance!

Prague, Czech Republic I’d say. But even there they’re almost being sold-out :slight_smile:

Thanks! Will look into that.
Also heard good things about Vietnam by the way. Anybody who can confirm that?

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I would refer you to Bulgaria (Sofia).
Here is very comfortable zone for new team.

Lviv, Ukraine , is the one of huge IT hubs, good location, connection and a lot of talented developers

Ok, Eastern Europe. Not as exotic but definitely makes sense. Thanks!

More interesting destinations could be in these coworkings:

Thanks for all the tips!
After a few days of reading/searching I’ve chosen to leave for Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Heard that there is a great startup and freelance scene there that’s mostly in tech and development. Local developers are aplenty too. I’ll try and update this post after my experience.

What I did find out however is that in Eastern and Southern Europe many developments are going on in the startup and tech scene. And that Berlin is definitely one of the most visited Nomad places in Europe…so many places to go, can’t wait to start the nomadlife!

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haha I had to click your profile to see if you were that Dries, as in Dries Buyteart of Drupal fame :slight_smile:

Hah, me too! I’ve met Dries at Drupalcons a few times. I was just about to say “What, Ruby?!” :smile:

I’d recommend avoiding India for your travels. It’s a great place to work and travel (and live!), but my initial ideas of building a strong dev team here while I ran around nonprofit tech conferences giving workshops / talks and getting new business didn’t work so well. Very few developers here are good (very entrenched culture of $500 wordpress site builds, and most of the “freelancers” never get above that level). Almost none of them have any interest or inclination towards startups. Almost all of them jump jobs every six months to get a pay increase. Almost none of them value learning anything new on the job, or are passionate (or even curious) about the tech they’re working with.

There are a lot of exceptions, of course, and I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and work with a few of them over the last couple of years. But on the whole, it wasn’t nearly as easy as I thought it’d be. I had a much easier time building teams on this model in Chicago.

I’ve heard very good things about dev talent in the Philippines, and I know at least one Drupal shop in Chicago that has had a lot of success recruiting developers there (they’ve even set up a satellite office there). Might be worth checking out.

Thanks! And good to hear other Drieses are doing good tech out there. Thanks about the tip. Vietnam is already booked but will put it high on the ‘nomad-travel-list’

Man, I were living in HCMC for 1,5 years. (few weeks ago I`ve moved to Chiang Mai) It’s hard to find good developers here, especially ruby, you need to conduct hundreds of interviews to find really good one. I know that because from my own experience, I were conducting interviews for Lazada, who is one of the major players in the city and SEA region, honestly we have hired all best devs here :slight_smile: Anyway good luck! And ping me if you need any help/advice on HCMC.

Why the focus on Ruby specifically? If someone’s a good JavaScript/Python/Java/whatever developer, they can learn Ruby quickly and will still be a good developer.

Define “quickly”…?

Yeah, developers can switch to a different language or framework with a fair amount of ease, but it takes a long time to become proficient in that language/framework and understand all the little nuances.

Your will still be a good programmer in the sense that your problem solving skills will remain, but you may solve problems in a manner which is not efficient because you simply do not understand the underlying language/framework well enough.

Quickly adv
1: with rapid movements
2: with little or no delay

In my usage, I meant the 2nd meaning. I think for someone moving from a similar language (such as any of those I listed), it will take a week or so before being able to contribute at essentially full speed. Depending on the codebase, they still might do productive work on day 1.

For people moving from a very different language (e.g. moving from Python to Haskell or from C to Prolog), then it might be a full month before reaching near top productivity.

Frameworks usually take longer than languages, but in 99% of recruiting efforts I’ve seen the focus on a specific language and framework is unnecessary and detrimental. Especially since the OP looking to pay sub-market rates, he’d probably be better off focusing on programming skills and problem solving abilities than on a set amount of time working with a given language.

+1 for Sofia, taxes are really low for being a European country

@dries, question: why are you focusing on location to find developers? I thought the whole point of going nomad was to be able to have a team of people from around the globe.

You’re totally right. I’ve actually started working with a dev from Ukraine and one from China. Found them by offering small tasks through Fiver and Elance.

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