What's the best way to store SIM cards?

Is there any kind of gadget out there that people use for storing SIM cards when you move around different countries? They seem like something that would be so easy to lose or damage. Plus also having to keep track of them. I can imagine after a bit of travel, rummaging through my bag trying to find the right card for the country I’m in!

Is it even worth holding onto them or do you just get a new one if you return to the same country?

I keep mine in a small zip-loc bag with a piece of tape on them attached to some paper saying the carrier, phone number and whatever other relevant info I need. Unfortunately if a SIM isn’t used/topped up in a certain time frame, it is deactivated. This sometimes happens even if you put credit into it which can get very annoying because naturally the Telco will accept the money but you get nothing out of it.

Right now I’ve got about two dozen SIM cards bouncing around in my bag and I’d say half of them have been killed.

There are plastic carrying cases that can store SIM cards, I’ve seen some with 6 to 8 slots which naturally are not enough for the well-travelled.

Unless I am planning to go back to the country within 1-3 months I usually just throw it away. They get deactivated pretty fast… Those I keep, I store in a small box originally made for storing SD cards.

Ah, I’d not thought about the deactivation time. The zip-loc bag and tape option does sound best. Always better to use a DIY solution than buy something :smile:

unless i know I’m going back soon I just toss them. they’re usually dead by the time I return.

I just use an old plastic SD card holder case. Not very tidy, but practical and light.

I have been using something like this and this for ages. My personal favourite is this though as it fits in my wallet:


Hey Raj! Where do you find that? It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to solve this problem! I tried to lookup compaksim and compakkard with no luck!

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@MoneyMonzon look for ‘sim card holder’ on Ebay UK :slight_smile:

I use a little business card holder looking thing I got off Amazon as well:


The thing is… it’s made for Microsims, not Nano sims… I have never seen one for nano-sims only.

FWIW, that photo is just my cards for Europe. I have another case just like it for SEA.

On my side I use a simple technique using tape.
It the slimmest existing one and fits unlimited number of SIM cards, including a SIM card adaptor + SIM card remover

That’s a cool idea.

I never knew you could get SIM card removers either. I used to use my sister for it but she’s a bit too heavy to pack.