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I love travelling the world to meet new people, enjoy great quality of life, and learn new things while having an adventure. From financial freedom, location independence, to your authentic purpose and path, I show people how-to manifest all of it. With my coaching and digital nomad resource business, I love helping people to carve a personal and business path to more freedom + wealth.

Iโ€™m always looking to connect with dance communities around the world, especially salsa dancing! ๐Ÿ’ƒ.

I โค๏ธ street photography and seeing funny beautiful things no one else notices.

I love exploring places to add to my treasure chest of knowledge of business, tax, legal and investment strategies to maximize wealth + freedom for my clients and community.

I consider myself a spiritual archeologist and historian of a hidden history of humanityโ€™s journey to freedom + empowerment.

I love fun exploring new places especially w/ warm weather, a beach, expats, or spiritual significance.

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 10 Mar '205mo12 Aug '2012 Aug '20
10 Mar '20

Canggu, Bali


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  • Indonesia

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    ๐ŸŒฅ Feels 39° 102° 30° 85°๐ŸฅตAQI 6
    $796 / mo
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