Does international health insurance for digital nomads exist?

True. WorldNomads seem a bit more generous with the trip duration. If you take their expensive package, it’s about equivalent to the cheaper providers in Germany and Switzerland (CareConcept and Swisscare) plus some travel features. You ever had a claim with them or any other experience.

World Nomads Insurance is great option for digital nomads. We have a 5% off discount code if you’re interested.

I made a claim with WorldNomads but for travel delays not health. It was super easy and they paid up really quickly.

Global Underwriters also has a Diplomat Long Term policy. It’s fairly expensive (especially compared to IPS) but may be another option for those where IPS isn’t suitable.

Would appreciate it if you could send me the discount code: info (at) barclaey (dot) com Thx!

Be very careful with World Nomads. If you get seriously sick, recovery will take lots of time. And if you need to prolong your insurance during this period, they will treat your sickness as a “pre-existing condition” and won’t pay for your bills.

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I’m with IMG Global. Just now having to actually make a claim, so we’ll see how that goes. But the sign-up process and the fees are all favorable and the coverage is worldwide.

I believe we’re discussing international health insurance in this thread. Explicitly NOT travel insurance. Those two are very different.

Travel insurance mostly latches on to existing government run health insurance and basically covers the difference. It’s valid only for a limited time and tied to conditions such as you actually being on a holiday vs. working from abroad. Also it won’t cover basic stuff like severe diseases such as cancer or so.

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I’m with Integra Global, on their family plan excluding the U.S./Canada. Haven’t had to put in a claim yet. Apparently Allianz doesn’t cover residents of either U.S. or Brazil, and Cigna won’t cover my Brazilian husband, which is too bad because their prices look quite reasonable.

IMG Global is another option. You have to be out of the U.S. (or home country) for 6 months, but it’s full medical coverage locally and abroad, including emergency medical evacuation and very affordable.

Hello Nomads,
I’ve been preparing for my world trip for a while & I extensively investigated this question.
Short answer is: yes, an international health insurance for digital nomads does exist.
Can you be of any nationality? yes, but not all insurances will be able to cover you.
Can you be of any residency (I know it’s a super awkward one since you’re a nomad)? yes, just put the last place where you actually lived, know that this is the country where you will be repatriated for long term treatment if needed, so do put a country with a decent healthcare system.
I wrote much much more about this on
See you on the road :wink:


Just seeing this thread.

I’m with AXA PPP International myself. I had a rather specific case and looked at a great many options.

I’m Bermudian and Bermuda has no public health care (for me at least). A great many of the insurance plans I looked at relied on you having home coverage in your country of residence (someone else defined it as the difference between travel insurance and health insurance). They basically cover you for immediate care and then repatriate you back home. This works ok if you’re resident somewhere that has public health care (or you have resident insurance) but doesn’t work so well if you don’t.

Another key thing I looked at was ongoing coverage like physio as well as sports coverage. I like to kiteboard and wakeboard. This was also something that narrowed down the list as many covered you initially but didn’t have ongoing coverage and care.

So I needed global coverage (there was a cheaper ex-US option which I went with) that doesn’t rely on me already having some form of health care and when I looked into the small print, AXA was one of the few. The overall policy covers up to $2.4 million USD each year and costs me about $2500 a year (a far cry from the $5000 and $7500 I was quoted by Bermudian insurance companies).

They also have a network of hospitals that apparently if you call in for pre-approval or get routed there and they’ll prepay your bills so no claims. I haven’t had to make any claims yet so I have no idea how reliable this is.

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Thanks Denis for your input.
$2500 a year! That’s expensive!
You could easily pay less than half of that!
Look at the few insurances I pointed to in my answer on

Thanks Adrien, I’ll take a look. I’ve had it for a few years now. In comparison to what I was quoted by Bermuda based companies it seemed a lot more reasonable. It was also what one of the Bermuda companies used to underwrite its global (ex-Bermuda) coverage which gave me a bit more confidence to go with them as Bermuda can tend to be an obscure case to deal with.

Of note, I forgot to mention that I originally used as an excellent comparison site which gave a great overview of pricing, benefits and options of various plans. Price varies alot based upon what you’re keen on (basics with high deductable or more comprehensive, dental and no deductable)

Denis, Adrien, and everyone else, I appreciate this discussion! I know a lot more about travel insurance now thanks to you guys.

I’m Venezuelan and I’ll be working from Berlin for 6 months as my first official nomad experience. I’ve checked out several travel health insurance companies and I thought you might find my quotes helpful for reference. The prices are in USD. The plans listed below offer global coverage excluding the USA, and all of them have a $250 deductible and $50,000 coverage to make the comparison easier.

IMG Global: $275 for 6 months.
Allianz Worldwide Care: $1,450 for 1 year.
Seven Corners - Liaison Majestic: $190 for 6 months.
HCC Atlas: $160 for 6 months.

After Denis’s comments, I’m a bit hesitant as to which company to choose. None of them really asked me if I have primary coverage in my home country (which I don’t), so what could be justifying an order of magnitude increase for the Allianz coverage? Are the other providers’ prices too good to be true? What could the catch be?

Hi Alemacgo,

It is important to read through the policy information and confirm what kind of coverage it is.

Travel coverage works well enough to take care of anything major. It works on the premise that they stabilize you enough to send you back home, and then it’s your home insurance’s problem to manage your full recovery. If you’re willing to risk it, the premiums are a lot lower. Though also weigh that against what your risks likely are as you’ll be the one footing the bill in the end if you need year round coverage.

Proper health care coverage you could find but you have to be diligent in reading through the actual policy details. Don’t rely on the broker to clarify things for you.

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Sounds rather like Ponzi scheme.

@alemacgo : make sure you read the whole “terms and conditions” of the policies offered, as this is what will be used for/against you when you file a claim. I assume that the price differences do come with significant differences in services.

Did you look at or too ?

@AdrienBe, thanks for the pointers!
Apparently, requires me to be a permanent resident of an EU/EEA country, which makes me think I’d need to be insured by a local social security system belonging to one of those countries. At the moment, I’m not a permanent resident in Europe (although I could become one). did give me a quote, but it’s around the $750 ballpark for a $250 deductible and similar coverage as the ones I mentioned earlier, so I keep wondering: what’s the catch with Seven Corners and HCC Atlas? Why are they able to charge less than $200?

A good trick is to get your dive master with Padi. With your annual fee you get a great insurance coverage for about 200USD a year and you don’t need to work as a DM.

SSI does it too for freediving.