Short term (1-3 months) in Medellin?

Is it owned by a guy called Paul by any chance?

No, host is named Ricardo.

Hi @Jodie_Taylor @Brandon,

Would you guys mind linking to the AirBnBs you found? My wife and I are going back there in a few days and will be looking for a place for a couple months while I work on a mapping project. I haven’t done a lot of searching yet, but I know the city and would like to stay in Laureles.
Maybe meet up while we’re all in town.

FYI, I recommend Zeppelin Cafe and Revolution Cafe for coffee near the 2nd and 1st Laureles Parks, respectively.

Hey! A US/Colombian friend of mine has three free rooms in a 4 room apartment in Laureles. They are free from today on and cost between 250$ and 400$ / month. In case anyone is interested please send me a PM. I saw the flat yesterday and really liked it.

Having been here for a bit over a month now, I can see what @wanderingdev and @gigigriffis were talking about. I’m actually living in an apartment with a local who works as a therapist for victims of sexual abuse, and she said it’s a huge problem here. If you’re a female traveling here, prepare to at least hear some catcalls. I have a local that is teaching me Spanish, and even when we were walking down the street together people were making comments at her.

That being said, I do really like it here. The (Colombian) food leaves a lot to be desired in the flavor department (I will never understand the appeal of arepas), but there are plenty of affordable non-Colombian restaurants that are good. There’s a great community of expats that’s very well connected so it’s easy to meet people and share ideas; and there’s a ton to see and experience throughout the city, as well as some awesome day trips.

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Hey @Brandon,

I am planning on heading to Medellin in a month. Staying there for a few months. Learning spanish is the goal. How was your experience in Medellin? Did you end up taking spanish lessons at UPB?


Hey Drew, no I didn’t study at UPB. They wanted a pretty ridiculous amount for classes (something like $15/hour for group classes and $20+ for private ones). I just ended up posting on the digital nomads Facebook group asking if anyone knew a good private tutor, met an awesome one who did private lessons for $10/hour.

If you goal is to solely learn Spanish and you can put work on hold I’d recommend attending an immersion school. I learned loads from my tutor, but the main problem (I think) was that I was spending most of my free time hanging out/talking with other expats in English, and didn’t spend enough time practicing the Spanish that I’d just learned through conversation.

Medellin was pretty great in general. I stayed in the Laureles area of town which was quite nice and not too expensive (though it got noticeable more expensive over the 6ish months I was there). Also there’s an excellent nomad community, and the weather is as consistently perfect as anywhere I’ve ever been!

@Brandon Thanks for taking the time to share your experience living in MDE. Sounds like a pretty cool city. I have heard from a couple other people about Laureles area of town, sounds promising. Glad to hear the weather is solid, that was a selling point when I was looking into it.

What was the name of your 1v1 instructor? Recommend him/her?

Do you remember the name of the immersion schools?

thanks for the insight

Hi Jodi, I have to say I was in Medellin for the last 2 weeks, solo female. I stayed in 2 areas. Near Eafit and in Laureles. I really like the Laureles area. It’s vibrant and I met plenty of friendly people. I probably looked opposite the Colombian women (usually wear a tshit and jeans, high top sneakers, minimal makeup) and didn’t constantly get harassed. When I got cat calls, it wasn’t aggressive.

@gigigriffis getting followed sounds very scary. Sorry some of you had bad experiences and glad you’re ok…

I only went into El Centro with a group via the Real Medellin walking tour. I wouldn’t recommend going to that area alone, but the tour was cool.

Overall, I felt safe, though uneasy once in Laureles on a Sunday afternoon, no less. It was surprisingly desolate (most businesses are closed) and I was wandering in the general area of Buddha Hostel Laureles. It seemed like an upscale area, nice apartments, but I noticed a few really shady dudes around. They looked like they were on the hunt for someone to rob. Maybe because it was an expensive area? Not sure.
Also, felt I was on display as the line at the Metrocables. I could tell people were looking at things like my ipod shuffle, earrings. Not necessarily to steal them, but it was uncomfortable. I would recommend riding the metrocables, but keep it as plain as possible.

In Laureles, I stayed near Parroquia San Joaquín. I never felt unsafe in that area, walking around Carrera 70 or taking the metro at Estadio. Near Eafit, I never felt unsafe anywhere in the area (restaurants/bars/supermarkets just aren’t as accessible as Laureles).

I really liked Medellin, didn’t have any negative experiences. So easy to take the comfy bus from MDE for $3. Don’t bother with a cab. Found it very cheap compared to Panama. Nice, delicious food at El Atrio in Laureles (not the usual fried stuff) for around $4-5, beer $1 or less.
I would go back.
Hope you have positive experiences!

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