Share your itinerary — where are you headed next?

Going to Zurich for a quick conference and then back to Berlin. Then, off to Tokyo in two weeks!

October: Romania (Sibiu)
November: Croatia (Zadar)
December: ?

Interested to hear what you think of Serbia/Belgrade! Thinking about spending some time there in a few months myself

Currently on Koh Lanta, which has become one our favorite islands for life/work. Will stay here another month and then planning to visit family in Melbourne. Might stop in KL for a bit first.

Their product could have been interesting but for some reason they provide FB as the only way to sign up which makes it unusable to me…

Mauritius around May next year. My home island. It will be tough as haven’t been there for over 10 years and have no friends or home there. Have checked AirBnb and it’s flip expensive (tourist destination honeymoon etc…). Anyone there too, let me know. Can show you around.

Currently in Split, Croatia, which I adore. Going to Zadar for a week afterwards, then popping home to the UK as it’s my Mum’s 70th. I haven’t made plans for Nov/Dec yet - I want to go to the Canaries (chasing the sunshine!), but accommodation is looking expensive. So currently in planning/thinking mode. Any suggestions for a good (read: warm) nomad base in Europe for Nov/Dec?

I’ll be in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria throughout the winter. My rent is around £210 a month, so not expensive… Initially I was trying to find a place in Tenerife and found it hard going. I suppose it depends on which of the islands you’re interested in.

Sometime early In November 2k15, Hong Kong & Shenzhen (at least 1 week each)

I’m in Prague now and likely heading to Split next! Are you still there? Any pro-tips for me?

Headed to San Francisco, then off to Missouri for Christmas. Down to Rio de Janeiro for Carnival on a 2 month stopover

Headed to Beijing in November and then to France and Switzerland in December.

I’ll be headed to Beijing, Los Angeles, Tucson, Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Miami, Havana, New York City, Washington, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Dubai, and Singapore. Six weeks. I can sleep when I’m dead, I suppose.

We’re heading to Sri Lanka on Sunday (1st Nov) for roughly 4 weeks (unless we extend our visa), then flying to Bangkok and travelling around Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam & Cambodia for roughly 10 weeks & flying to Beijing for Chinese New Year with friends there. We’re then taking 4ish weeks to travel down to Hong Kong before flying to Nepal to volunteer an help rebuild for 6 weeks till we head back to the UK for granny-in-laws 100 birthday… :slight_smile:

Hi Ani,

Im from Las Palmas de GC. and my girl is from Tenerife. If you need help with somethin, you can write me via skype: rmahugo

Each island is particular. If you have time, I recommend you visit Lanzarote and Fuerteventura for enjoy the beach :slight_smile:

Next year (around Feb) I’ll start as a digital nomad. I’ll probably start in UK or Ireland and next step maybe Berlin and east Europe. I think that we will on europe around a year more or less and then, i want to go to Asia for six month on 2017.

Thank you! Less than a month to go, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Cuba this month (not working there, internet is rubbish), then back to Barcelona for Christmas. Off to Manila, Palawan, Indonesia (suggestions welcome), Boracay, Hong Kong. Will try to fit in Myanmar or Seoul. Holy Week in Seville then back to Barcelona.

Hey everyone. I just made as an interface around this thread’s purpose (part of Nomad List). It lets you find if others are or will be staying in the same place as you. And maybe meet up if you like.

It’s live now (although in beta) and you can login as a member of #nomads :slight_smile: