When are you using your laptop on battery?

Hello :smile:

I am going to buy a new laptop, a lightweight one. And I am considering removing the battery as a option to remove extra weight (~350g / ~0,77lbs, I guess).
Because I used to work on my laptop at library, I am not able to image situations where there is no plug.

So, when are you using your laptop on battery ?

Hi Jean :smile:

I have to say I use my laptop often on battery - on busses, trains, in cafes without plugs, on a terrace etc. For me it is much more comfortable to work on battery than with a cable :smile:

I rarely use battery power - usually it’s whilst I’m in-between locations, eg busses, trains, planes etc. In most cases though, I’ll work off my phone until I get a power point.

In case you weren’t aware, many laptops won’t work without a battery, even on AC. Best to check.

i’ve been in lots of situations where there are no plugs.

Bad idea, if you accidentally detach power jack on the laptop or on the power socket (or in case of power outtage) you’re not only losing your work, you also have the risk of corrupting files on disk. Also, many modern Ultrabooks (and all Macbook) don’t have a removable battery.

after years of using 12-13" laptops with great (sometimes hot swappable) battery life, i have found that screen real estate is more valuable as i have to work with multiple windows. the trade off is i now have < 5 hours of battery life (and this reduces every week with the battery’s age).

i now use a 15.6" screen laptop so it’s difficult to work if there’s no space (eg, some plane and train seats intrude into my seat back tray). i have shifted to doing some of my work on my blackberry and 10" tablet in such situations.

i usually work out of places with a power point, so i’m plugged in almost all the time. many cafes and libraries provide them.

my regret is not getting a laptop with a bigger screen years ago, when they started making them small (15.6" in the body of 14" laptop).

finally, a laptop without a battery can be annoying to work on. i have a small laptop with a bad battery which i removed (by opening the whole thing up as the battery is not meant to be replaced by users).

it’s now too light and flops around when my palms are not on it… it is now unused and left at home.

Time used while on the battery is relatively small (sometimes you go for months without going out from the plug), but when you use the battery it’s a life saver.

If you’re sure you will be working from somewhere where you will get to plug it when it’s fine to take it out to make it lighter (not taking into consideration that without battery you lose the balance or might fry your laptop).

If you will be going through cafes or traveling around wouldn’t bet on getting the plug. My approach in those situations is to go on the battery life and charge it if there’s a chance and I will need to use my laptop (e.g., plane delayed and my battery is already red).

Also you’re kind of removing one of the most useful things in the laptop - battery. One of the reasons I use the laptop is because it has a battery so I don’t need to be plugged to use it (another is single package for easy transportation). So I just want to have a laptop with battery for when the electricity is out or I’m too lazy to plug it. Fun to remember all the times in the office when you suddenly hear angry shouts through whole office due to electricity going out when you just shrug your shoulders thinking “who cares” :smiley:

It would depend on your workflow, but I would better say buy a laptop which is lighter rather than removing the battery from it, you might not use 90% of the time, but it’s worth for that 10%.

Some of the situations where I rely on battery:

  • while travelling

  • cafes - not all of them have power outlets and sometimes it’s hard to ask upfront (not knowing the local language, for example).

  • when you realised you left your power adapter still plugged in at your last destination.

Thanks everyone for all this precious informations !

I have fallowed the idea of getting a lighter laptop instead of removing the battery (I bought a second hand Toshiba Portégé Z830: 1,1kg / 2,43lbs).

Buy a Macbook Air… Its far better than all others …

For those who wonders on which laptop, I’m on iPad Pro for 4 month now, the big one, and it’s so easy to carry and has such a battery that I rarely feel the need for my laptop anymore. I guess Surface Pro users will say the same.
By easy to carry I mean : almost 0 space and 0 weight added in my travel backpack, easy to hide from thief anywhere, or to carry with you in a non laptop-y bag. charger is also very very small compare to a regular laptop one, so you can carry it anywhere, same charging cable as my phone, etc.
Now for specific task I do prefer my laptop (coding, etc), but still, the practicality is just off chart, MSoffice and other software has been ported properly to iPad, so to me the experiment outcome is crystal clear : these big tablets are the new nomad laptop.